How Do I Clean My Filter?

Every 3 to 6 weeks, depending on frequency of use and number of bathers, spray the filter off with a high-pressure garden hose attachment. Depending on use, a de-greaser or de-scaler is recommended every 4-6 months.

Why Won’t My Spa Start Up When Freshly Filled?

If your spa is freshly filled but the pump isn’t pushing water through then you probably have an air lock. Air locks are the most common occurrence when filling up a spa for the first time or refilling it for regular maintenance. This is caused by the buildup of air in the plumbing lines which will not allow water or air to flow through the jets. If left un-attended, the pump and/or heater can overheat from lack of water flow. This type of damage is not covered under the warranty. You can decrease the chances of getting an air lock by removing the filter and putting the hose down the opening. If you still get an air lock the easiest way to remedy this situation is to repeatedly cycle between low- and high-speed on the topside controls. If this does not fix the issue you will have to open the access panel that houses the pump. Once the panel is removed, locate the pump and you will see two large, white nuts attached to the pump. Take a large pair of channel locks and loosen either nut with the pump in high-speed. Continue to loosen the nut until the jets begin to work. Doing this will cause water to come out the nut you are loosening which is normal. Once the jets are functioning properly, tighten the nut back up and put the panel back on. Air locks are not considered a defect and are a normal part of a fresh fill. Therefore, if a technician comes out to remove the air lock, this is not covered under the labor portion of the warranty and any fees associated will be the responsibility of the spa owner.

Why is My Spa Constantly Running?

While it may seem that the spa is running all the time, it almost certainly is not. When the spa is initially turned on it will run non-stop until the water has reached the set temperature. After this, the spa will run 1 hour out of every 12 hours (2 hours per day). Additionally, the pump runs once every 30 minutes to verify that the spa is at the correct temperature. If during this check, the temperature has dropped and the spa must heat, the spa will stay on as long as it takes to reach the correct temperature. So while it may seem the spa is constantly running, this is simply part of the heating and filtration process.

How Do I Clean and Protect Spa Pillows?

Regularly clean all pillows with mild soap, water, and a clean cloth. Monthly, treat pillows using a non-petroleum-based product such as 303 Protectant. This will maintain water resistance and luster of the product. IMPORTANT: Remove the pillows when shocking the spa or when sanitizer levels are high. Leave cover open for at least 30 minutes after shocking to ensure pillows are not affected. NOTE: Pillow discoloration is caused by accelerated by high sanitizer use and is not covered under the Tuff Spas Warranties.

How Do I Winterize My Spa?

Winterization of your spa is not generally necessary unless you plan to be away for an extended period of time. When you are not planning to use the spa for six or more weeks, or when someone is not able to maintain the spa on a weekly basis, you should winterize the spa. To winterize, follow these steps: WARNING: Prior to winterizing your spa, it will be necessary to Super Sanitize the spa water. This procedure will help prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi in any areas of plumbing that may not be fully free of water after you drain your spa for its period of winterization. Step 1: Drain the water. Step 2: Use a wet shop vacuum to vacuum the plumbing lines by placing the vacuum nozzle over each of the lower jet faces in the spa. Lower jets are any at or below the bench seat area. Step 3: Remove the drain plug from the pump(s) and loosen all PVC pipe unions. Step 4: Clean the entire spa. Step 5: Remove filter cartridge and clean. Do not reinstall until they are completely dry. Step 6: Secure the cover to the spa utilizing the locking system. WARNING: To avoid water from becoming trapped between the floor suction fitting and the filter pipe . Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the remaining water out of pipe by placing the vacuum end over the filter hole. In a two-pump spa, first plug off one filter using a tennis ball then vacuum out the water. Or pour ½-1 gallons (5-9 liters) of RV antifreeze into the filter hole. NOTE: RV antifreeze is nontoxic and does not require evacuation at start up. Spa De-Winterization To de-winterize the spa, reverse the Winterization procedure. Refill to the water level mark. WARNING: Whenever refilling the spa, it will be necessary to Super Sanitize the new spa water.